Tuesday 23 June 2020

Conversion of Assets VI

During the recent inventorying of a collection of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ cards a number of rare and valuable items were discovered. After much discussion, the decision was made that two of these items should be put on the auction block with the intent of raising funds for diversify the collection. The first card selected was Enlightened Tutor, a powerful Tutor from the Mirage expansion set released in 1997 that included Vampiric Tutor, Mystical Tutor, and Worldy Tutor. The second card selected was Force of Will from Alliances, an expansion released in 1996 as the second set in the ‘Ice Age’ block. Commentators have argued that Force of Will may be the best counter-spell ever printed with its ability to be cast even with all the player’s mana tapped. The Enlightened Tutor was able to net a total of $35.51 CAD, and the Force of Will $101.91 CAD, for a combined sale of $137.42!
Those funds were immediately used to procure a 1/25 ounce 99.99% pure gold coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin, though a mere 13.92mm in diameter, is intricately-engraved and displays the famous fishing schooner, the Bluenose, Canada’s quintessential symbol of speed and grace on the open sea. This is the same vessel depicted on Canada’s 10-cent circulation coin since 1935. The gold ‘Bluenose’ comes accompanied by a serialized certificate, and is encapsulated and presented in a maroon flock-lined clamshell case. The Royal Canadian Mint is a Canadian Crown Corporation that produces all of Canada's circulation coins. They are renowned for their high purity bullion coins as the Mint operates refineries to melt, assay and refine gold, silver and other precious metals. The total cost of this purchase was $135.50 CAD, with the remaining $1.92 from the sale of the cards spent on a celebratory coffee!