Sunday 5 February 2012

James Bond 'Live and Let Die' View-Master set

This View-Master set is adapted from the movie 'Live and Let Die' featuring Roger Moore as Ian Fleming’s James Bond. Released in 1973, this full color packet contains a booklet, three reels, and protective envelope. Made before GAF switched to inferior film in 1977, these images are still sharp and colorful. Everything is near mint, except for the packet, which is missing one of its four flaps. With it's long history, and treatment of many icons from popular culture, View-Master remains popular and affordable among collectors to this day.
View-Master is a device for viewing seven 3-D images (also called stereo images) on a paper disk. Although the View-Master became considered a children's toy, it was originally marketed to enjoy stereograms of picturesque tourist attractions. Retail sales of View-Master viewers and disks started in 1939, with a patent on the viewing device issued in 1940. In 1966 the company was acquired by the General Aniline & Film (GAF) Corporation, and now classic television series and movies began to be featured on View-Master disks.

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