Sunday 18 November 2012

1938 Canadian Quarter

Recently, the numismatics department uncovered a small trove of pre-1960 Canadian quarters. Out of dozens of specimens this coin was the oldest found in the trove, and is dated 1938. As such, the obverse side of the coin is graced with a portrait of King George VI, and the reverse side of the coin the iconic Caribou. The numismatics department estimates the coin is in (VG-8) Very Good condition, i.e. very worn, but with all major design elements clear, if faint.
The beauty of the Canadian 25-cent piece from this era, aside from the visual aesthetics, is the fact that they are composed of 80% silver. Since the weight of a quarter is 5.83 grams, 80% of that is 4.66 grams of pure silver. And, with a gram of silver at $1.04 CDN, the quarter, with its face value of only 25 cents, is worth $4.85 CDN in silver content alone. Added to that is the vintage of the coin, which, at 74 years of age and in this condition, adds at least 50% to its value.

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