Saturday 29 December 2012

Conversion of Assets IV

The recent discovery of a small cache of coins lead to a case of 'silver-fever' in the ranks at Clint Carson's Collectibles, and soon the rummaging began for items in the cast-off box to see what could be traded for the "poor man's gold". In short order a vintage Mego 'Mad Monsters' Wolfman Action Figure was uncovered! This 8" action figure featured Glow-in-the-Dark claws and eyes! The Copyright date on the body reads MCMLXXI (1971), though the actual release of the Mad Monsters line was between 1973/74. The figure has its original costume as well, except for the shoes, which went missing over the years. The overall condition of the figure is very good with some signs of wear-and-tear, but most joints still tight and poseable. The glow in the dark plastic of the eyes has softened into a globule near the eyeballs, and there are some other cosmetic issues, but those have no appreciable effect on the quality of the figure. This 'Mad Monsters' Wolfman was sold for $28.48 USD.
In turn, the 'silver-fever' was sated when a series of American Roosevelt dimes were found. In 1946 the new Roosevelt dime replaced the Winged Liberty Head ("Mercury") dime, and, like its predecessor, those minted before the passage of the Coinage Act of 1965 are comprised of 90% silver and weigh 2.5 grams. The price of silver has slid back in recent weeks, and as of this writing a gram of silver valued at approximately $0.96 USD. Regardless, each dime, with a face value of only 10 cents, is now worth $2.16 USD in silver content alone. As such, the Mego 'Mad Monsters' Wolfman was effectively traded for 13 dimes with a combined face value of $1.30! But although the figure was not of the quality that was appreciated here, it has now gone to a new home where, hopefully, it is given the attention it deserves.

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