Wednesday 10 October 2012

Graphitti Designs Superman Statue

Produced in 1993 by Graffiti Designs, this Superman statue was based on a Sculpt by Randy Bowen, who worked from a sketch by noted Superman artist Dan Jurgens. Made of cold cast porcelain and individually hand painted, this statuette stands approximately 26.5 cm tall. Limited to a run of 6,100 peices, each is individually numbered. This particular statuette is #4,254. The factory original box was not intended for retail display, or made of durable design, and was used as the shipping box in many cases. Consequently, most, including this box, have dings, scuffs, tape marks, and general shelf wear.
Graphitti Designs, founded in 1982, is one of the leading producers of pop culture related merchandise, focusing on everything from apparel to deluxe limited edition hardcovers. As an added claim to pop culture fame for the company, this Superman statue was also seen on the hit show Seinfeld, where it proudly resided for many episodes on Jerry Seinfeld's bookshelf! Although the list price on these scarce statuettes was originally $215.00 CDN, this one was scooped up a number of years ago for a bargain $132 CDN!

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