Monday 29 October 2012

Ronson Whirlwind Lighter

This silver Ronson Whirlwind lighter comes complete with its original box, documentation, and assorted accessories. It stands 5.3 cm tall, and is 4.3 cm wide. Although an exact date of manufacture cannot be determined this piece is an estimated 55-60 years old, and, despite minor signs of use, still in very good condition. The Whirlwind model was added to the Ronson line in 1941. These lighters have wind shields which can be pulled up from the body of the lighters for outdoor use. It is likely this was the model writer Ian Fleming had in mind when, in the novel Casino Royale, James Bond "snapped his oxidized Ronson to see if it needed fuel."
The Ronson lighter company started as The Art Metal Works in 1886 by Louis V. Aronson, a gifted man who at 16 years old received a U.S. patent for a commercially valuable metal plating process he developed. In 1926 he released an "automatic operation" lighter, which offered both ignition and extinguishment in a single push. It was a great success, demand shortly exceeding supply, spurring Aronson to patent it and design other products around the invention, which were marketed under the Ronson brand name. This example of the Ronson Whirlwind was acquired recently for an extremely reasonable $23.56 CAN.

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  1. Very nice lighter and I have one Ronson Whirlwind Lighter with US PAT Made in USA and the other one is BRIT PAT Made in England, and both for sale.